Homes for Sale near Third Street Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA

Third Street Elementary Schools is a public educational institution situated at 201 South June Street, Los Angeles, CA. The school is located within the Hancock Park neighborhood sitting next to the Yavneh Hebrew Academy, the Wilshire Country Club, the Marlborough School for Girls along W 3rd Street. The school currently accepts students between Kindergarten to the 5th-grade level and has a student body of 614 kids. The school firmly believes in developing an environment that fosters academic and emotional excellence. There is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee that partners with the PTA and FOT to ensure the school has anti-bias policies, programs, and learning opportunities. Founded in 1924, Third Street has maintained a reputation for excellent academics matched with a wide array of courses designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all children. The school challenges and empowers its students with various programs, including a science fair, a trip to Astro Camp, an orchestra program, and several parent-involved activities.

The school is currently accredited as a Gifted Magnet Center, which will open for the 2021-22 school year. Approximately 78 gifted students from the 3rd to 5th-grade level from across the city will be enrolled in the program. Students will be clustered and distributed over several classrooms to ensure students prioritize appropriate educational curriculums that maximize individual capabilities, interests, and needs. Kids will be provided ample learning opportunities designed to help develop their abilities and gifts to the highest level. Differentiated and personalized instruction helps ensure kids receive deep, complex, and accelerated classes that provide a high-level of academic learning. The school also provides sixteen hours of professional development from all teachers in the program. These sessions are designed to ensure the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted learners are properly addressed. For more information on the program and see if your child is eligible, please refer to their website to get instructions on enrollment updates.

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Homes near Third Street Elementary School

Homes included in the Third Street Elementary school attendance area are available in our maps section below. The site is comprised of parts of Hancock Park and the Greater Wilshire District. We’ve also included a list of homes for sale within this attendance area for your convenience. Properties in the area are comprised mostly of luxury single-family homes built in the 1920s during the initial development of Hancock Park. These homes feature prominent Spanish designs with a smattering of Tudor, Colonial, Stucco, and Craftsman styles mixed in. Property prices range between $1.6 million to $13 million, with floor spaces going up as high as 10,000 sqft. If you’re interested in moving into Third Street Elementary School’s attendance area, please don’t hesitate to contact our team to get up to date information on available listings in the neighborhood.

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Latest homes for sale in Third Street Elementary School



315 Hudson Ave S

Los Angeles, CA, 90020


355 Muirfield Rd S

Los Angeles, CA, 90020


5220 2Nd St W

Los Angeles, CA, 90004


145 Rossmore Ave N

Los Angeles, CA, 90004


619 June St S

Los Angeles, CA, 90005


324 June St S

Los Angeles, CA, 90020
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School Information

Schools near Third Street Elementary School

School Name
Los Angeles High School
9 – 12
John Burroughs Middle School
6 – 8
Third Street Elementary School
K – 5
Marlborough School
7 – 12
Yavneh Hebrew Academy
K – 8
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