Faircrest Heights

Faircrest Heights is a primarily residential district in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California, part of the Crestview neighborhood. ‘Faircrest’ refers to its location on Fairfax Avenue in the eastern part of the Crestview neighborhood. The boundaries of Faircrest Heights are Pico Boulevard on the north, Fairfax Avenue on the east, Washington Boulevard on the south, and La Cienega Boulevard on the west. Faircrest Heights is the eastern part of the Crestview neighborhood which is part of the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council and where the KROQ-FM Radio Station, the Pepper Claude Senior Center, LAWPD Receiving Station # D, Electric Charging Station, Crescent Heights Boulevard Elementary School and the magnet school, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies are located. Faircrest Heights has views of Downtown Los Angeles to the east, the Baldwin Hills to the south, Hollywood Hills to the north and Century City to the west.

Neighbors United is a Faircrest Heights neighborhood organization, founded in 1981. Their mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of the Faircrest Heights district in the Crestview neighborhood by promoting safety, organizing community events, encouraging beautification, and by promoting and facilitating citizen communication, participation, and involvement in local governance.

In December 2004, Los Angeles magazine named Faircrest Heights one of the “10 Best districts You’ve Never Heard Of”.

source: wikipedia.org

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